2 / 2019 

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Spectral Induced Polarization (SIP, CR, FD-IP)

·  SIP FUCHS III+       Wide frequency range measurements on laboratory & field scale.

·  SIP256D                     Fast and comfortable 2/3-D field measurement.                                           2018    2-D Example

·  SIP RABBIT               Widespread measurements with towed electrodes.                                                    DBU 2010

·  HVPA50/600W          600 watt transmitter for SIP-FUCHS and SIP-256 D.

·  SIP LAB 4                   Comfortable multi-electrode and multi-channel Lab measurements.          2018

·  SIP QUAD                  Simultaneous wide frequency range measurements on 4 samples.

Geoelectric Multipurpose System

·  CHAMELEON II       Impedance and Permittivity measurements with capacitive electrodes.       2018

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)

·  NMR MINI III         For measurements at samples in the earth's magnetic field.

·  MRS MIDI III+        For field investigation with pre-polarization and adiabatic pulses.                2018      Bochum 2010,  Stanford 2017

Borehole Electronics

·  HERMES                      Fast digital data transfer system for 7 ultrasound signals.                                        Münster 2016